DISCLAIMER: If you download any of our custom AD2 preset packs, and run into the issue where you see the text "No License" in any one of the individual drum cells, that simply means that you have not purchased the necessary expansion pack from XLN Audio to be able to use that specific kit piece.

If you’re missing certain expansions, you will still be able to load the kits, and all of the custom mixing settings will load properly, but, you will have to choose from kit pieces that you have available; which in turn will usually dramatically alter the intended sound.

When people ask me (Orenji Soul) which expansions to get first, I usually recommended vintage dry, funk, jazz sticks, rnb / soul, indie, and Fairfax Vol.2. All the expansions are dope, and they all have their pros and cons. There are so many expansions that It would take me a huge amount of time to keep track of which kit piece came from where when I’m assembling custom kits.

So the short answer is get all of them, but, my personal favorites have been the RnB, Vintage Dry, Funk, & Jazz Sticks expansions. All of the expansions have pros and cons for different reasons.

On the XLN website, you can also buy individual pieces for cheap. My favorites / most used from the individual pieces are the Boutique piccolo snare, the Japanese MW piccolo snare, and the 22x16 Ludwig Vistalite kick. - one of my favorite snares is the Craviato snare from the Prog Rock expansion.

Also, In AD2, each drum piece in the mixer view has a little “L” icon in the top left of the drum cell. If you hit that button, it will tell what the kit piece is, and from which expansion it comes from.