Welcome to Chiometry Audio!

My name is Justin Wiebe, AKA Orenji Soul; I'm the founder of Chiometry Audio. I thought it would be lovely to give a little bit of my backstory and how this new company and team came to be.

I am a regular lad from Ohio who has been producing music for the last 15 years. Around 3 years ago, I started working on my own drum packs because I was looking for a range of very specific sounds and grooves that I just couldn't find anywhere I seemed to look. When I first started working on sample packs, I had absolutely no intention at all to try and sell them or share them with others; I was strictly putting together little folders for myself, so that I had the tools available that I actually wanted to use for my own music productions.

I probably created somewhere in the range of 400 drum loops for my own use before I ever even considered that other producers may find them genuinely useful. By the time I had finished my 4th library of drum loops, it suddenly dawned on me that maybe other producers would like to have these loops to play around with and spark ideas. Thus, one of my all time best selling packs, Random Breaks Vol.1 was born. The irony was that I had completely finished the pack before I even had the notion to release it out into the market. I was making exactly the kinds of loops that I wanted to use for my own works, and so at the very least, they we're genuinely useful to my own productions and taste.

Several months after the pack was finished, I decided to take a leap and release it out into the world, and to my great surprise, the world was very receptive to it! It was incredibly exciting to find out that I could 1.) work on what I love most and simultaneously put food in the fridge and gas in the tank, 2.) not have to compromise my art, taste, and integrity in order to create a product that was genuinely useful and well received by other producers.

Ever since then, I fell passionately in love with creating genuinely useful tools and sounds for producers, while always making exactly the sorts of boutique and strange sounds that we're genuinely the array of tools that I wanted to use in all my own productions. When you do what you love, with your whole heart and soul, it will always resonate with others!

I never ever take for granted the opportunity and privilege to do what I do, and all of the beautiful connections I've been able to make along the way. I get chills literally all the time from the overwhelmingly positive and kind words that random people I've never met before send me on a near daily basis. I sincerely don't mean that boastfully; It's such a genuine privilege and I am so grateful to every single person who has ever purchased my tools and reached out to send words of love my way. To those of you who have supported me over these years (you know who you are ), thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

That's a little bit of the backstory leading up to what we are now creating here at Chiometry Audio. Over the course of my music production life, I've had the absolute privilege and honor to make connections and life long friendships with some of the most talented creatives I've ever met; many of whom you will soon come to know through Chiometry Audio. To my friends & to my team; i love you! Thanks for embarking on this new adventure with me!

Chiometry Audio has been a dream of mine that I've slowly been bringing to life over the past couple years, and now its finally here! Our aim is very straight-forward; 1.) to assemble a team of the most talented and creative people I've ever met, 2.) to create a hub of genuinely useful, high quality, and incredibly unique tools to spark a universe of creativity in the soul's and DAW'S of other producers, and 3.) to inject unapologetic beauty into the aesthetic and experience of everything we do.

To everyone involved, from the team to the customer, thank you truly for being here with us, and we're so excited for everything to come! <3